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Bitsycode is the most versatile

Javascript Library (JSL)

for speeding up development, and cutting out the hassle from the nitty gritty

Designed for developers and designers, all over

Bitsycode makes web development rapid and efficient. Packaged with built in methods that most of us developers and designers use in our daily projects, It's not made just for the newbies but for awesome people of all skill levels, and for projects of any sizes.



Bitsycode sets its sails and ships with a number of prebuilt methods. You can quickly implement these methods and get started with development, cutting out the hassle.

One plugin, so much possibility

So much possibility

Bitsycode efficiently and easily integrates with your projects, from standard methods to amazing animations.

So much features

So much features

With Bitsycode, you get extensive and awesome documentation for all methods, with examples ofcourse, and it works well other Javascript frameworks.

Bitsycode source will surely become open. Right now it's still a project in progress, It's hosted, developed, and maintained on Bitsycode.


Developed and built with passion and commitment.
Maintained by the bitsycode team.