Fan of jQuery?

So are we, that's why we bring to you this plugin.

Bitsycode also comes with a jQuery plugin as part of the library.


We at BitsyCode understand how much jQuery is being used on half of the world websites. So, the decision was taken that BitsyCode would absolutely need it's own jQuery plugin that allowed the adoring fans to easily initialize BitsyCode methods using the developer favorite jQuery framework.

How to initial BitsyCode methods using jQuery


jQuery.bitsyCode('MethodName', options);

jQuery(selector).bitsyCode('MethodName', options); 

Calling the BitsyCode 'scrolline' method:

jQuery.bitsyCode('scrolline', { position:'top' });
// Notice after jQuery there's no selector specified as this BitsyCode method does not require a selector.

Calling the BitsyCode 'sticky' method:

jQuery('.stick').bitsyCode('sticky', { attachStyle:'.stuck' });
// Notice after jQuery there's a selector specified as this BitsyCode method requires a select

As you will notice, some of the BitsyCode methods require you to use a selector and some methods do not.