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Thank You

for being apart of the dream and helping building the dream.

Thank You for being apart of this dreaming and supporting it.

BitsyCode unlike most other sites, doesn't have an About Us page, but instead we have a Thank You page, to thank you for using BitsyCode. This is our story, the story of a dream of one day ruling the world with all the nerds and geeks, just kidding, by dream I'm refering to BitsyCode ofcourse.

BitsyCode started as an idea developed by a guy most people would call idea crazy. It all started on a fine day, while I was "zoned in" coding like most of us progammers do, nothing could stop me, it was just me and the keyboard. I decided to get creative while building a project I've been wanting to start with for a long time, I needed to create some small methods, and I mean small as in get query string values from the URL, yeah that small.

As time passed, like it normally does while coding, I realised that I had built so many small methods, that took up time I shouldn't have wasted. I've been programming for so long it comes to me easily, it's almost like breathing. Yet I never had a framework that helped me do these little things, and with all these new languages that come out every week, it makes me feel like I have to learn how to drive all over again, before I can actually get to my destination.

So I had the dream to build the perfect world, my world consists of everything done by code, and what isn't is probably magic and unicorns. I decided to build a framework that would consist of little code snippets to help not just me but all programmers out there, BitsyCode will always be a work in progress as I keep implementing newer and better methods, with your help ofcourse, we can make BitsyCode better, you can check out our contribute page if you would like to grow this dream.

We all know that there's so many frameworks out there to use, to do things differently, make things supposedly "easier" for us programmers. Honestly, some of them do but they all come with a learning curve, it's like everyone just wants to build their own new "scripting language".

Thinking about having a framework that helps me do little tasks got me really excited, I started creating these small and quick methods and implemented them in my own projects, some of these methods exist in frameworks that we love specifically jQuery. The difference is that BitsyCode methods does what it supposed to without the dancing monkeys at the back juggling oranges. it's quick, efficient, and does what it supposed to do. and today I give you BitsyCode.

So with all of this in mind I give you BitsyCode, a versatile framework for speeding up development, and cutting out the hassle from the nitty gritty. Prebuilt methods to make tasks easier for us, and instead of learning a new language, let BitsyCode do these tasks for you. BitsyCode will continuosly be updated with more methods to make our development process easier.

We (programmers) sometimes feel like we have the world in our hands, we in control, until we forget the semi-colon at the end of our statement and need to go through thousands of lines of code finding the error but, if you using a cool IDE, you probably know which line to fix.

The same way using BitsyCode is a must, development is time consuming, imagine having a single framework packed with awesome tools at your finger tips, and all you have to do was call the method with a single line of code. Now that sounds good to me, what about you?

BitsyCode code was developed by one guy, a guy with a dream, that will hopefully play a major part in our development lives.
I would like to Thank You for using BitsyCode, for being apart of this dream, helping me build this dream.

May all your future projects have the snippet below in the HEAD of your HTML code.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.com/bitsycode/js/latest/bitsycode.min.js"></script>

Developed and built with passion and commitment.
Maintained by the bitsycode team.